About Us

We continuously focus on innovation and integration to satisfy the changing needs and desires of our schools.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help schools accelerate and automate administrative tasks using technology. By implementing these changes, schools can focus their time and human resources on educating students and strengthening the school community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the administrative operations of schools, offer support and serve the Puerto Rico education industry. Our goal is to help implement technology according to schools specific needs, which is why our service is personalized and assisted, working together with the school community.

Our Story

Personal history, connection, and family experience is the foundation of School Management System (SMS). In 1985, Elena Carcache, a mother of three children, joined a group of parents to explore different educational alternatives and decided to establish the first Montessori school in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, Casa de los Niños. To this day, the school has continued educating with an enrollment of over 100 students and continues with Ms. Carcache as teacher, director and in charge of administrative processes.

Rafael, the youngest son of Ms. Carcache, upon finishing his bachelor's degree in computer science, wanted to use his specialty to help his mother with the administrative processes, for which he decided to develop a program to manage the monthly transactions of student charges and payments. On the other hand, Miosotis, Rafael's partner, was a teacher for 3 years and during that time, she became aware of the vicissitudes that schools face to collect monthly payments, keep accounting records and receive payments, among other administrative duties. Recognizing these difficulties, Rafael and Miosotis decided to start SMS. Together, they analyzed the needs and took on the task of developing this program in order to simplify and automate the administrative processes of schools.

In August 2020, Casa de los Niños became the first school to implement SMS. The benefits to the school were outstanding. In just two months, 30% of parents were already using the Parent Portal to check their students balances and 11% of parents were making online payments. The school saw an increase in the number of on-time payments and a substantial reduction in time spent on repetitive processes such as providing balance information to parents, sending collection letters, and receiving payments. In addition, thanks to SMS, they were able to automatically begin charging a monthly Late Payment Fee for approximately 15% of the students due to outstanding balances. This made it clear to us that this software would be of great use to other schools and of benefit to the private school industry in Puerto Rico.

Our Team

Rafael E. Díaz Carcache

Co-Founder / Senior Software Developer

Rafael has spent the last 14 years working as a software developer for agencies related to education, service and distribution for the public and private sector for some of Puerto Rico's most exciting and forward-thinking companies, such as Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico, Universidad Ana G. Méndez, BackpackingPR, Dataworks, Tres Monjitas, Starbucks and Soft & Creamy.
Outside of work, Rafael can be found exploring or camping around our island.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón Campus

Master’s Degree in IT Management & Information Assurance from Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico

Miosotis Cortés Morales

Co-Founder / Montessori Teacher

Miosotis has more than 7 years of experience working in schools and academic institutions such as the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, School of Medicine Campus and as a Montessori specialist teacher. Over the course of 5 years, Miosotis founded and worked on her own company, BackpackingPR, an ecotourism and adventure promotion company. With the entrepreneurship experience, she catapulted into the digital communication ecosystem, achieving exponential growth in the audience of social media and content expansion. In the field of digital marketing and communication, Miosotis has worked with important advertising agencies such as JWT (J. Walter Thompson) and Buena Vibra Group. As well as with important brands such as AT&T, Nestle, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, and Casa Pueblo, among others.

Bachelor’s Degree in Phsychology
University of Puerto Rico,Río Piedras Campus

Completing Master’s Degree in Communications, with a specialty in digital communication
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

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